We want to partner with you.

Becoming a sponsor for a local Meetup is a win-win-win. You gain the benefit of exposure and relationship-building. The local Meetup leader is able to provide his/her group with quality professionals who can be of service. Investors who need your help will know your name. 

Each Meetup allows for sponsorship at the local level. 

Benefits include: 

+ Logo and company bio included on local Meetup website (cazainvestor.com)

+ Logo and company bio included on Meetup.com page 

+ Exclusivity of industry

+ Opportunities to present at local Meetups, as agreed upon with local affiliate

+ Discounts to annual CAZA Investor Summit 2017

What's the investment?

The pricing model is simple:

$250 per month. 6 month minimum.

Due to demand, only one company per industry is permitted a time. For example, one title co., one property management co,. etc. 

If you're interested in sponsoring a local Meetup, fill out the quick form below and a team member will be in touch ASAP.

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