+ What is Grid?

CAZA Investor Network (CIN) is a hyper-local group of real estate fanatics, focused on networking, education and inspiration for the real estate investor. We aim to bring together the resources to help our fellow investors grow their businesses. We believe in getting through giving and in the power of a mastermind environment where we share our experience and help one another succeed. There is power in the Network and the Network is you.

+ What's in it for me?

By attending a networking event or accessing this site, you will have access to resources that are comprehensive, proven and actionable. We tell you what works to find deals, monetize opportunities and grow your business. The networking events let you meet other active investors to share best practices and grow your network of other professionals that will be key to your success (think: contractors, equity partners, lenders, agents, attorneys, title companies etc.).

+ How does this site relate to Meetup and can I register for a Meetup here?

Our networking events are managed and promoted on – the world’s greatest website for finding and meeting-with people who share common interests. Click here to see our current Meetup locations and dates and to RSVP for an upcoming networking event near you.

+ What's in it for CIN?

We firmly believe the business adage that Your Net Worth is Determined by Your Network. It’s been proven that success in business is accelerated through associating with other successful individuals. By regularly meeting new people and keeping in touch with other motivated colleagues, we’ve been able to do more deals, make more money and have more fun than if we were going it alone. We help folks buy and sell real estate, joint-venture and lend money on deals, wholesale our excess inventory and find new partners through our network. You can, too.

+ What happens at the Meetups?

At least once a month, we host a networking event at each location. The meetings are typically kept small-ish so we can all introduce ourselves to the room; this lets members get to know who is in the room and who they may want to follow-up with during the networking time. We usually have an educational topic that we discuss and we share a strategy or process that we use in our real estate investing. It is an open forum where we actively engage our fellow investors to get other opinions, fresh ideas and best practices. After an hour-ish discussion of that night’s topic, we break into open networking. That’s when the real magic happens and members can interact with one another and the CAZA member-host to share deals, opportunities, contact info and continue the discussion.

+ How can I start my own Meetup?

Glad you asked!

We are always looking to grow our networking events and partner with like-minded people to host new Meetups in new locations. If you are an active investor who believes in getting through giving and the power of the network, come talk to us about the opportunity to host a CAZA Investor Network Meetup group in your area. 

Learn more about becoming an affiliate here.